Devil's Tower Wyoming

23rd July 2020
23rd Jul 2020

Devil’s Tower is known as some of the best crack climbing in the United States. We’re meeting up with Frank Sanders who is a Devil’s Tower Legend and knows just about everything there is to know about crack climbing. He has summited Devil’s Tower over 2,000 times. Devil’s Tower was formed underground 50 million years ago by the same forces that created the Rock Mountains. Magma welled up and eventually cooled and hardened into rock columns over time. Those columns were forced upwards and Devil’s Tower emerged. Of course, there are many other creation stories passed down by Native Americas which are just as fascinating. Rock the Park is an Emmy award-winning adventure series seen every Saturday on ABC featuring our national parks and other public lands across America and the world. Now in its 6th season, Jack Steward and Colton Smith go off the beaten path to explore magnificent landscapes, incredible wildlife and all the exciting ways to immerse yourself in and around nature. Whether it’s swimming with sea turtles, climbing to the top of a volcano or repelling into a glacier, Jack and Colton are living life to the fullest and inspiring others to do the same. Join Jack and Colton every week as they post new episodes and new adventures. Go behind the scenes of their hit TV series with Jack’s YouTube series – The Pursuit is Happiness and tune into helpful hacks and how-to’s to make your outdoor adventures the best they can be. And if there’s a park or wilderness you’d like to see or a question or comment for the guys, just leave it for Jack and Colton. Subscribe to Jack's vlog The Pursuit is Happiness to get behind-the-scenes footage from Rock the Park! Jack Steward Rock on the Park:


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